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COVID-19: Staying Safe at Montague House

To keep ourselves and our guests safe we have had to make some changes in line with current government guidance. Our friendly Montague service is still here just with additional steps to prioritise your safety.

Arrival & Check-in
Due to current social distancing regulations, we will operate a contactless self-check in process unless otherwise agreed. If other guests are present in the entrance area or on the stairs, please remember to socially distance. 
Please ensure your contact details and any additional check-in information we require is up to date before you arrive. This will help to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. On the day of arrival, you will receive a "check-in" email to allow you to self-check-in once settled in your room.

We kindly ask all guests to wash their hands before coming down for breakfast and when they return to their room. Hand sanitiser is also available for use in the breakfast room and throughout the house. If you are having breakfast with us, where possible, we are seating guests as far apart as we can in our breakfast room. To maximise social distancing we are currently running restricted breakfast sittings of 8:15 AM and 9:00 AM. This will be on a first-come-first-served basis when pre-ordering the day before. Please arrive promptly (but not too early) so we have time to clean and sanitise before your sitting. As we are not permitted to offer our normal buffet service we are asking guests to pre-order everything the night before.

We have increased our already strict cleaning regimes and are regularly cleaning public areas with anti-bacterial sprays. We are washing all fabric and crockery on hotter washes than normal. When cleaning rooms/communal areas we will be using anti-bacterial sprays on all surfaces, handles, switches and fabrics etc. and are strictly following the government advice on best cleaning practices. To limit contact and cross-contamination for both our guests and our own safety we will not be servicing your rooms during your stay and have removed certain non-essential items such as ear bud containers, bedside clocks etc. We will provide additional bin bags and toilet
rolls will also be provided in the bathroom. We kindly ask that you tie any full rubbish bags tightly and leave them outside your room for collection each morning. If you are staying with us for more than two nights please let us know if you need additional top-ups of any items.

Payment & Checkout

We are currently only taking card payment.  To make social distancing compliance easier we are now operating a contactless check-out process.  To limit hand contact with guests we will be asking guests to settle their bill using a payment card of your choice. If not settled in advance, you will receive a reminder about this on the
day of departure too. Any outstanding balances after check-in finishes at 10:15 am on the day of departure will automatically be taken from the card used to make the booking. When checking out we kindly ask that you leave your key on the reception desk. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to hold luggage on the premises before check in and following check out.

If You Feel Unwell
If you experience any symptoms that could be COVID-19 related while staying with us please let us know as soon as possible. As per Government advice, you should also remain in your room until we have discussed a plan of action. This will help to keep everyone safe.


Afternoon Treats
Unfortunately, our coffee machine and water fridge in the lounge area together with our complimentary biscuits are off-limits for the moment due to the restrictions. If you fancy something sweet, 
Fisher & Donaldson is located on Church Street offer some deliciously naughty treats – do try their fudge doughnuts for an afternoon pick-me-up!

Out & About
Please remember that many of the shops and businesses are operating differently than normal. Please try your best to observe the guidance put in place by the town and local businesses whilst in St Andrews. You will probably need to book all your restaurant and even pub tables in advance. Most businesses have updated their websites or Social Media with their new operating procedures. If you are unsure though please ask and we will find out for you.
The fabulous beaches are, however, all open and the air is clean and fresh and make the perfect spot to enjoy whilst still staying safe!

Thank You!

Thank you for bearing with us. This is a new and strange situation for everyone however,doing our very best to ensure a safe environment for all. We will keep you informed of any operational changes via this page moving forward. Thanks for your continued support of Montague House!

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